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Here are the best triathlon suits for men and women available to buy online from brands such as Craft, Orca, Saucony, Cressi, Shimano, Speedo and Ironman. There is also the odd review of triathlon related equipment we come across such as heart rate monitors, triathlon shoes and triathlon bicycles.

Top 10 Triathlon Suits

These are the Top 10 best selling triathlon suits available to buy online today. If you are looking for a tri suit and are unsure of which one to get you can’t go wrong with one from this list no matter what your budget. This Top 10 contains tri suits from some of the best brands in the business such as Scott, Orca, Saucony and Craft and has mens as well as women’s triathlon suits. Don’t forget to read our triathlon suit reviews if you are unsure of which one to pick up.

As you can see, these are the Top 10 triathlon suits but if you want to view all the triathlon suits please go to the tri suits page now.

ORCA Core Men’s Triathlon Race Suit

This triathlon suit from ORCA is an ideal suit for the intermediate to advanced level tri athlete. Even if you are just starting out it is definitely worth a look due to its current reduction in price. It has strategically placed pockets to reduce drag in the water allowing you to carry essential gear with you without having to pay the price of less aerodynamicism.

This suit uses dual technology with Aquaglide in place to repel water increasing your swim performance and for land panels of Vapour fabric is used to allow your skin to breathe during the running and cycling stages of the triathlon. There are even reflective panels on the suit to increase your visibility and therefore increasing your safety.

This is a cracking triathlon suit from ORCA and is definitely worth adding to your short list!

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Travel Towels

A travel towel is a micro fibre towel that is thinner, lighter, faster drying and more absorbent then a regular towel.  They are often coated in an anti-bacterial solution making them more hygienic than a normal towel.  Travel towels, as the name suggests, are ideal for those on the move and who want to bring a towel with them but do not want to use all the space in their bag that a regular towel would take up.  As they are fast drying they can also be used and packed away soon after use without them going mouldy or starting to smell like a regular towel.  Due to the small amount of space they take up, thank to their thinness, they are ideal for storing in your bag or car for use in an emergency such as getting caught in a rain storm.

People who would benefit from the use of a travel towel include:

  • Triathletes: due to their absorbent nature a travel towel is an ideal way to quickly dry down between stages.
  • Travellers: going away, need to take a towel but are short on space?  If so then a travel towel is ideal for you.  Get a large one and it can double up as a beach towel whilst still only taking up a tiny amount of space in your bag.
  • Gym-Goer: if you use a gym a travel towel is ideal to take in with your as they can be used to mop up any sweat you or other gym-goers might leave on the equipment.  The anti-bacterial coating makes them especially suitable for this environment. Also as they take up less space in your bag your gym kit will be easier to carry to and from the gym.
  • Dog walkers: does your dog ever jump in the pond or river and get wet?  Do you ever get caught in the rain whilst out walking?  If so then keep a micro-fibre travel towel to hand and you can dry yourself and the dog down quickly and easily.

Dry Bags

A dry bag is a great way to transport your valuables when you are in or around water.  Dry bags come in many shapes and sizes but essentially all work in the same way: you put the items in them then roll or fold over the opening of the bag at least three or four times then shut the clasps and presto the back is sealed and your items are protected from the water!

As well as keeping the items dry the bag also floats as it is air-tight so if you accidentally drop it overboard or knock it from your canoe or kayak it will be easy to retrieve your dry bag and its contents.  As they float the dry bag could also be attached to your canoe or yourself and dragged behind you in the water.

Not only are dry bags great for triathletes they also have many other practical uses and can be of benefit to many other people. These include:

  • Surfers: keep your gear dry whilst in the water.
  • Plumbers and builders: keep your tools safe in a waterproof dry tube bag whilst on site.
  • Fishermen: dry bags are great for storing any items you need for your fishing drip that you don’t want to get wet.
  • Anyone who goes out in the rain or in wet conditions will benefit from the use of a dry bag.

Due to the array of shapes and sizes the list of items that can be put in a dry bag is endless.  Some items include:

  • Mobile phones, cameras and mp3 players
  • Wallets, money and cash cards
  • Clothes and towels: use a large dry bag to transport your clothes if you are travelling by boat or kayak

Shimano Triathlon Shoes

Once you’ve got your triathlon suit don’t forget about your triathlon shoes. Triathlon shoes are an essential piece of kit in the tri athlete’s arsenal. The right shoes could mean the difference between finishing the race or not or coming first or second.

Triathlon shoes have clips for the pedals on the bike as well as being good for running in.
Make sure you get the right pair of triathlon shoes for your needs!

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Descente Aero XT Triathlon Suit

The Aero-XT triathlon suit from Descente has advanced aero and hydro dynamics as well as superior muscle compression. It also has a fast drying ability.

The side panels and back are mesh, using the D-Vente technology for extra breathability. The suit features two conveniently placed back pockets for carrying any essentials you might need for your race and training sessions. The zipper is located at the front of the suit and is concealed for comfort and safety.

This triathlon suit from Descente is soft and light but is also very durable making it ideal for those who place a strong emphasis on comfort when selecting a suit but do not want to sacrifice durability.

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Cressi Sub Glaros C-Therm Swim Shorty

This is a triathlon suit that is slightly more geared towards the water stages than most of the other suits on this website. It has thermal protection to equal that of Neoprene which it achieves by using C-THERM material which aims to provide a solution to concrete current demands.

If you are going to be training or competing in cold water than this is a good suit due to its insulating properties.

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Saucony Lady Elite Triathlon Suit

This is a great all-round women’s triathlon suit designed with all three stages in mind.

Saucony have used high-compression technology for improved fit and muscle support. The material of the suit has been treated for water repellency which keeps the weight of the suit down when you are in the water. It is also highly breathable keeping you cool whilst those around you are not!

There are two pockets for gels and other essentials which are strategically placed to avoid causing drag and any depreciation of aerodynamics. The suit has also been treated and is now antibacterial as well as being salt and chlorine resistant which will improve is longevity.

If you are looking for a high performance ladies triathlon suit then the Saucony Lady Elite Tri Suit is the one for you.

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ORCA RS1 Aero Men’s Triathlon Race Suit

This is an advanced triathlon suit for the serious tri athlete. It is the fasted suit from Orca and makes use of three different fabrics for different areas of your body.

Orca’s new hydrobonded AeroSkin technology is employed on the front chest, upper back and lower front thigh areas for extra water resistance and a smother glide through the water. A breathable mesh is used through the centre of the chest area to keep the body cool whilst performing. The hems of the legs use Hydroseal which reduces drag and improves comfort increasing your performance in the most testing of conditions. This suited qualifies for no-wetsuit sanctioned races and is perfect for shorter distance events.

This is a high performance triathlon suit and is packed with features. If you are serious about your performance this is the suit for you.

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is perfect for the tri athlete as it allows you to monitor your heart rate on land an in the water and chart increases in performance and detect which area(s) of your game needs improvement and extra focus.

A heart rate monitor like the Garmin Forerunner 50 features a wireless heart rate monitor that automatically transmits workout data to your computer for analysis once you get back home. This data can also be stored for monitoring over time purposes or shared online with other uses of Garmin Connect.

With the Forerunner 50 you can even listen to your heart rate whilst you work out to let you quickly know how hard your heart is working. You can set a heart rate zone which you want to work in and the Garmin will notify you when you leave that range.

If you are serious about increasing your performance in any sport, especially triathlons, a heart rate monitor is an essential addition to your kit.

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ORCA 226 Men’s Triathlon Race Suit

This triathlon suit from Orca is highly breathable making this item suitable for athletes looking for a suit that can help them maintain a lower body temperature whilst training and competing.

Orca have covered both the land and water events by using a combination of their technologies including Aquaglide for extra speed in the water and their Vapour technology for the running and cycling stages which gives you extra breathability on the land stages stopping you getting hot and bothered whilst performing.
Secure pockets have been positioned to minimise any drag or negative aerodynamic impact reflective panels give you extra visibility increasing your safety levels.

This triathlon suit from Orca is quick drying and of a high standard making it suitable for those who do not want and hindrance from their suit whilst competing.

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